A CCJ can seriously affect your ability to get a mortgage, but it does not preclude you altogether. Some lenders are more lenient than others. We are specialists in assisting individuals who have CCJs.

Mortgage with County Court Judgements

If you have had a county court judgement or a number of judgements registered against you in the past, you could find yourself rejected by many of the mortgage lenders on the high street because they will regard you as presenting too much of a lending risk.

A CCJ is a judgement for debt and unless you pay it off in full within 30 days of it being issued, it will remain on your credit file for six years regardless of whether you subsequently clear the debt or not.

Having a CCJ is far more common than you may think. Each year approximately 500,000 consumer CCJs are registered in England and Wales. It can happen all too easily, sometimes they are issued without you even being aware of it. A difficult divorce, unemployment, or perhaps a large bill that you simply couldn't afford to pay. Others may have forgotten to pay a utility bill or some other small amount due to an oversight.

If you paid the debt off (called satisfying the CCJ) at least a year ago, it should be marked satisfied on your credit record and this will enhance your standing with regard to getting a mortgage with some lenders. For a number of high street lenders, the mere fact you have been issued with a CCJ will be enough for them to dismiss you outright as a potential borrower. It wouldn't make any difference to them if you have since resolved any issues with your financial affairs and were now a wealthly member of society.

The impact a county court judgement will have on your ability to get a mortgage will depend on the size of the debt involved and the amount of time that had elapsed since it was issued. A CCJ for a few hundred pounds three or four years ago should not be an insurmountable barrier to getting a mortgage, providing you have been managing your finances sensibly ever since and you have a decent deposit at your disposal.

An independent mortgage adviser has access to lenders in the UK who will offer a mortgage to people with CCJs. Simply complete our no obligation enquiry form and one of our expert mortgage advisers will get back to you to.